A high quality and cost effective making service for achitects

Working together
The service we offer especially meets the needs of architects as our background and expertise provides us with an understanding of your requirements as both designers and project managers. We are able to take a project at any stage of development and work closely with you to fully realise your vision. Our experience designing and making furniture means we can offer advice and options to complement and add value to your project.

Understanding your design
Our architectural background allows us to fully understand your design and this means that we can deliver elegantly detailed furniture that fully maintains your design intent. Detail is paramount to us and we understand that the quality of materials, finishes and fixtures are essential to the success of a project.

Technology and materials
Using the latest manufacturing technology in our own workshop allows us to maintain control of quality, timescale and costs. We work with a wide range of natural and manufactured materials, from European hardwoods to specialist panel products, which enable us to deliver all types of projects. We make furniture that is built to last and our approach always considers the environmental impact.

Cost efficiency
Our expertise in detailing and extensive knowledge of materials will enable us to find the most cost effective solutions for your designs without losing design intent, quality or character. We understand the pressures of timescale, budget or cost limitations and will provide you with a competitive and realistic quotation for a high quality product.