Queens Park, London
Project Planner
The Vawdrey House

The Vawdrey House provided Tandem Studio with a design concept for the kitchen. we were then given the task of developing and detailing the design for manufacture.

The island is made from brushed larch tri-ply with a recessed handle detail. The concrete worktop overhangs one end to create a seating area with space for cook books in the end. The dark painted wall cabinets creates a distinct backdrop to the kitchen area and the wood and concrete kitchen island.

Tandem Studio has done some wonderful projects with us – and each time has taken our outline design and gone above and beyond to realise our vision while meeting the client’s needs and ensuring every practicality is covered.

Jonathan has a great eye, understands what we are trying to achieve and completes this with an excellent technical knowledge and creative flair. Never phased by trying something for the first time he happily researches new materials and gets as excited as we do about the possibilities of new things. We usually hand over the last details for him to deal directly with the client as he has an excellent client manner as well.

On the practical side delivery and installation is always seamless and very carefully done with respect to surrounding finishes. Any snags (often more last minute changes than problems!) are dealt with swiftly and painlessly.

We hope to be working with them for years to come.

Jennifer Hamilton, Interior Designer, The Vawdrey House

The kitchen includes a large larder cupboard with removable drawer/ boxes and spice racks fitted to the doors. There is also a practical stone worktop for baking.

Photography: Siobhan Doran